This page is dedicated to the classes celebrating their reunions. It will be used to post links to their site and to provide information on events that they are planning for their celebration.


The Class of 1959 is meeting Friday night at the Girard Civic Center at the northeast corner of the square from 5-7pm to visit and have a catered dinner. 

The Classs of 1964 is meeting at Barto's in Frontenac at 6pm on Friday the 14th.

The Class of 1974 is meeting at Ron Brown's home at 6:30 Friday the 14th.  Ron's address is 403 South 190th St, Pittsburg, KS which is the stop sign in South Radley.

The Class of 1979 will have a casual get together Friday night at Bender's on 7.  It's will be a dutch treat dinner for classmates.

The Class of 1994 will meet at the Pink Pickle on Friday night. 

All of these classes should be getting letters, Facebook contact or phone calls from their class organizers with all the details.